Documents Required For ITIN
Updated on January 12, 2019 by Sina Bonabi
Documents Required for ITIN
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a personal Tax ID number issued by the IRS used to file taxes and open U.S. bank account if you do not have and are not eligible to get a Social Security Number (SSN).

You need to provide 2 sets of documents to get your ITIN:
1. Identification Document (Typically a Passport)
This requirement is generally satisfied with a valid passport (from any country in the world).
A passport is the only stand-alone document that can be used to satisfy the identification documentation requirement for the ITIN application.

If you're unable to provide a passport, then you must submit a combination of at least 2 other unexpired documents from the official IRS List of Identification Documents shown below to use instead for their ITIN application.

With the exception of children under 14 years of age (under age 18 if student), at least 1 of the 2 documents submitted must contain a recent photograph.
List of Identification Documentations
Note: In the case of dependents for tax returns, the passport must have a stamped date of entry into the U.S. to be a stand-alone document, unless the applicant is from Canada, Mexico, or is a dependent of US military personnel stationed overseas. 

If a passport without a date of entry submitted for a dependent, then additional documents proving the dependents U.S. residency must also be provided such as US medical or school records.
2. Supporting Documents
Traditionally, this requirement for the ITIN application is satisfied by a U.S. Federal Income Tax Return (IRS Form 1040/1040NR) .

However, if you're not able to provide a U.S. Federal Income Tax Return, then there are 5 "Exception Categories" you could possibly qualify for in order for you to get your ITIN. 

If you qualify for one of these 5 "Exception Categories," then based on the category you qualify for, you can use the appropriate documentation from this category instead of a U.S. Federal Income Tax Return to satisfy your supporting documentation requirement. 

And that is why....
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you work with an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) to have them properly complete your ITIN application for you
If you can't provide a federal income tax return form with your ITIN application, an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) can help you figure out which ITIN Exception Category you qualify for in order to help you get the required supporting documents you need to apply for your ITIN.

In short... 

CAA is a person who is TRAINED and AUTHORIZED BY THE IRS to help non-U.S. citizens apply for and get their ITIN.

A Certifying Acceptance Agent can help you...

    ✓ Process Your ITIN Application MUCH Faster And Reduce The Risk Of Getting Rejected and Correct Every Revision Required From The IRS - You DON’T Deal With The IRS At ALL!

    ✓ Speak Directly To The IRS On Your Behalf - Forget About Dealing With Inefficient Government Agencies

    ✓ Verify Your Identity From The Comfort Of Your Own Home (Skype or Facetime) - No Original Passport or ID Documents Are Sent To The IRS!

I Process the ITIN Application With the IRS and You Receive Your ITIN in Less Than 5 Weeks.

You focus on your business. I focus on the paperwork. 

It’s that simple.
Successful ITIN's Received (For My Past Clients)
I Process the ITIN Application With the IRS and You Receive Your ITIN in Less Than 5 Weeks
You focus on your business. I focus on the paperwork. 

It’s that simple.

What used to take me 6 weeks, I can get done now in 1 day.

But don’t just take my word for it... 
here’s what others are saying about working with me as their Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)
Andres Jimenez, Non-U.S. Citizen from Costa Rica 
Ripan Bhattacharjee, Non-U.S. Citizen from India
Miguel Lozano, Non-U.S. Citizen from Mexico
With an ITIN you will be able to...
    ✓ Open a U.S. Bank Account

     ✓ File Your Taxes

     ✓ Generate income in the U.S.

     ✓ Sell virtually on any online platform (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc...)

     ✓ Receive payments through PayPal, Stripe, Square, or any other payment processor.
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Sina Bonabi
IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)
As an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent, I'm trained and authorized by the IRS to assist non-U.S. citizens get their ITIN to open their U.S. bank account and file taxes.

You can find our Certification as IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents on the IRS website under "Mollaei Inc. DBA EIN Express"
EIN Express is an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent Helping Non-U.S. Citizens Get Their ITIN
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