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Both Sam Mollaei Esq. and Sina Bonabi CAA are IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) trained and authorized by the IRS to process your EIN and ITIN application to reduce the risk of getting rejected.

You can find our Certification as IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents on the IRS website under "Mollaei Inc. DBA EIN Express"
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Super Quick Service
Simple online application takes only 5 minutes to complete. Quickest online service and immediate response to your questions and concerns
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We offer close personal service with immediate response to your questions or concerns. You also won't have to deal with the IRS throughout this entire process
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All of your information is secure and encrypted with SSL security. We don't take security lightly and we handle your privacy safely
ITIN & EIN Reviews
“I had just arrived to United states from India and needing to open a US bank account for my business, but I did not have an ITIN. So I looked online for an answer to my problem. I came across EIN Express. I got in touch with them and spoke with Sina. He was extremely patient and listened to my issues and provided me great help. I sent him all the documents he needed and I got my ITIN in less than four weeks. If anyone else is in need of an ITIN, Sina at EIN Express is definitely your man for the job.”

- Davinder Randhawa, Non-U.S. resident from India
“I tried applying for an ITIN before with a registered agent from another company. They made several mistakes and my application was rejected by the IRS. This set me back months and cost me thousands of dollars in potential revenue for my business. Searching online for another company to help me with my ITIN problem, I found EIN Express and decided to give them a try. It was the best decision I ever made. They responded quickly to my emails and gave out detailed instructions. Sina was very knowledgable and he saved me a lot of trouble and time. I got my ITIN in about three and a half weeks.”

- Susan Kim, Non-U.S. Resident from Korea
“Being one of those "non-resident aliens”, and just having acquired a mortgage loan on my new home in the U.S., I did not have any clue about how to get an ITIN number to report the mortgage interest. Well thank god at least I know how to use Google. I searched and a link for “EIN Express” came up. I answered the questions on their easy online form and followed their simple directions, and in four weeks I received the IRS letter with the tax ID number! Just like that, it really happened!! Thank you Sina, for your hassle free services, I really appreciate it.”

- Boris Romanov, Non-U.S. Resident from Russia
"Excellent EIN service. Got my EIN sooner than I expected. Thanks Sam for being patient and thanks for the good deal. Sam is a great guy that will work on your schedule to make sure you get what you want. I will recommend Sam's EIN service to everyone"

- Bhanu Teja, Non-U.S. Citizen from India
"Sam was absolutely amazing. Was worth every dollar. My EIN number came within 5 working business days and I could not be happier. Thanks again Sam!"

- Berrylee Pereira, Non-U.S. Citizen from Brazil
"Simply Amazing! Sam was very professional in the EIN application. Very knowledgeable and assisted heaps with any areas that required explanation. Sam is the real deal and I don't usually write reviews! Thanks heaps and will use more of your services for other parts of my business! Thanks a lot again!"

- Paul Tran, Non-U.S. Citizen from China
This Is All Backed Up By Our...
We eliminate any hesitation or stress you may feel by taking all the risk for you to make sure you get your EIN or ITIN.

Our guarantee to you is very simple: 

If you don't get your EIN in 3 weeks or if your ITIN application gets rejected for any reason, we will issue you a full refund immediately.
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Save time and money filing complicated IRS government forms on your own and avoid getting rejected by using our easy-to-use online application to get your Tax ID. Click the button to take the first step:
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